A welcome opportunity to learn

A proud moment for me yesterday. A big cardboard envelope arrived in the mail. It contained my certificate in fundraising management from Ryerson University in Toronto. I earned the certificate online, one course at a time, over three years. What I learned I’ve already been using for years, literally. I found distance learning challenging. It took some effort to protect the time needed to get the assignments done. But it was worth it. I love learning.

When my family arrived in Canada from England I was a child. My mum stayed home with my brother, who was too young to go to school (in Canada), while my dad and I went out and met Canadians. We came back with stories about language (Canadians call them trucks not lorries, gas not petrol, Santa Claus not Father Christmas), food (Canadian kids found my Stilton cheese, pickled onion, cream cracker lunches stinky; I need peanut butter), and customs (Canadians celebrate Halloween and I need a costume and a bucket so I can walk around collecting candy). This experience set me up for my life. I loved being a reporter: everyday offered the opportunity to talk to people and learn something new, then tell listeners and readers all about it.


I think these experiences will set me up for the role of MLA. I’ve enjoyed the people I’ve met this week and the opportunities to learn from the questions I’ve had.