Get Set!

Canadians elected 88 women on Monday – fully a quarter of MPs. That’s short of equal representation but the numbers are going in the right direction – up. The situation is dire here in the Northwest Territories. There have never been more than three women sitting in the Legislative Assembly at one time. Who knows how it will work out this time, but it’s unlikely to equal the federal election results.

I am a woman who is running for a variety of reasons. I am not a “women’s issues” candidate per se. My interests range from finding solutions to homelessness to growing a stronger local economy to bringing the cost of living under control with alternative energy. That said, I have spent 14 years volunteering and working for Canada’s oldest and largest women’s organization – YWCA.I am fully aware of how women so often get the short-end of the stick – or worse, the stick itself.

Now is my time. I have much to give voters of Yellowknife Centre from my education and life experience; I have solid support from family, friends and neighbors; I have the ability to finance a campaign and this is the right time for my family. This list may overlap a man’s, but not most men’s. Many women continue to lack confidence, financing and support to run for public office. I believe, as I’ve heard it said, is that more women will run if more women run. Change starts here and now.