Today I had the opportunity to look through a window into my riding on an ordinary Monday morning and see what people were doing. The task at hand was to get 20 residents of the Yellowknife Centre riding to sign my nomination forms. A quirk of the Elections and Plebiscites Act requires the people who sign the nomination forms to live in the riding, but that’s not true for the candidate. I live here anyway. Downtown has been my home for all the years I’ve spent in Yellowknife.

One of my neighbors stopped by with her son on the way to a play date. Another was writing a paper for his fourth year nursing course. Someone else met me for coffee and lamented that one of her long-time friends was leaving Yellowknife (a curse we’ve all endured). In fact, I had a quick visit with someone who is packing to leave next week.

A lady who lives downtown was entertaining her three-year old grandson. Another was comforting people who were listening to a sentencing hearing at the courthouse – the crime was second-degree murder. I pulled a school counsellor out of her office and dropped into the curling rink where the ice is being made for the season. My friend the minister was on his day off.

I couldn’t do a round without a visit to Avens to see my friend Ruth, a veteran of many campaigns. Another friend was on a conference call with women from an aboriginal community while others were in their offices getting their game faces on.

Thank you all for being there to sign my papers. I’m now a candidate, and I’ve got four weeks to persuade voters I’m their better choice in Yellowknife Centre. I’m looking forward to looking through the window into more lives in the days to come.