Welcome neighbors from Great Slave riding

The boundaries have changed for Yellowknife Centre, a domino effect that started with taking the communities of Dettah and N’dilo out of Weledeh and adding them to Tu Nedhe. The end result is that Yellowknife Centre now includes 75 houses that used to be in the Great Slave riding. Take a look at the map to see the new riding boundaries. http://www.electionsnwt.ca/sites/default/files/2015_map_yellowknifecentre.pdf

I met some of these new neighbors tonight. This part of the riding features family homes with an abundance of Halloween decorations and dogs. I learned that these families don’t necessarily share the concern with affordable housing that’s important in other parts of the riding. These families are more concerned with the cost of living.

I’m proposing that the territorial government look at the option of facilitating low-cost loans for home-owners to install solar panels on their roofs. I see several home-owners are now trying this option. It promises to be a win-win: reduce home-owner power costs (high and getting higher) AND reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Consider how quickly wood pellet stoves have been adopted in Yellowknife as a means to save on home heating fuel and burn a renewable resource. An incentive such as a low-cost financing may put solar power within range for families.

Our riding’s needs are diverse, but in the end, we all want to be able to afford to stay here and enjoy life in the ‘knife.