A day in the life


The colorful Julies – myself and Julie White – at the seniors forum last night.

The pace is picking up in the last week of the campaign. In case you’re wondering what I’m doing all day, here’s a rundown of yesterday.
7:30 – read and answer emails; send out donation requests to friends and supporters
8:15 – 8:45 – work with designer on final campaign piece, book newspaper advertising space
8:45-9:30 – write final radio ad and trim it to fit in 28 seconds, record at Moose FM
9:30 – prepare canvassing list by noting who has voted and who needs to be revisited
10:00 – meet canvassing partner and do the walk around Aven Court and Ridge
11:00 – have coffee with an old friend at Aven Manor
11:30 – take some time to do a small job for the family business
12:15 – figure out printing/copying options and costs for final campaign piece
12:45 – eat lunch, play a game of crib and have a 30 minute nap sitting up.
1:30 – complete NWT Teachers Association questionnaire for deadline today
2:30 – work out answers to three questions that will be asked at seniors’ forum tonight
3:00 – write daily blog on food security. Look up YK Food Charter and stats.
4:00 – go over voters list to see whether there are people I haven’t seen yet that I could connect with via email
5:00 – eat supper, talk about daughter’s dental surgery scheduled for tomorrow morning
6:00 – 9:00 pm – at the Baker Centre to answer questions on seniors’ issues
9:30 – back at home, review design of final campaign pieces.
10:00 – write tomorrow’s blog
Tomorrow: get up and do another version of this schedule again.