Go vote; it’ll make you feel big and strong*


Northern United Place: location of election day polls. Polls are open 9 am to 8 pm

After 28 days of campaigning, here is the finish line. A total of 187,964 steps later, I’ve met many voters in Yellowknife Centre. I’m encouraged with the numbers who support my vision of revitalizing downtown by bringing all the orders of government, businesses, non-profit service agencies, homeowners and homeless people together to find a long-term solution to the ballooning numbers of people living in emergency shelters. I truly believe that by working together, we can reduce homelessness significantly by the time the next election comes. Reducing homelessness will make the downtown a better place to live and work for all of us.
You’ve said that you want a stable and prosperous economy. I want that too. I am concerned about stalled prospects for exploration and development but recognize that we are captive to world commodity prices. But there is more to our economy than mining and/or oil and gas. Now is the time to look at developing local economies such as forestry, fishing and tourism. It is also time to make decision about conservation so that everyone has certainty about which land is available for exploration and development.
The time has come to act on the lack of housing for seniors. Avens has done its homework about what those needs are now and into the future. They have a plan for an additional 50 beds of supported living. We need to find the political will and money to meet these needs if we all hope to grow old here one day.
Over the last four weeks, I’ve been to every door, sometimes twice, sometimes three times. This is the kind of hard work I am capable of on your behalf. A vote for me is a vote leadership and integrity in the 18th Assembly. Tomorrow, vote for me, Julie Green. Vote for change.

*Bob Schieffer said this at the end of the 2012 presidential debate he moderated and it struck a chord for me.