Go vote; it’ll make you feel big and strong*

Northern United Place: location of election day polls. Polls are open 9 am to 8 pm After 28 days of campaigning, here is the finish line. A total of 187,964 steps later, I’ve met many voters in Yellowknife Centre. I’m encouraged with the numbers who support my vision of revitalizing downtown by bringing all the … Read more

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission: it’s time for a new relationship

Reconciliation is about who we are; we can’t deny or unknow the harm of residential schools. These words rang through the People’s Hall at the Legislative Assembly on November 10th. That’s when Yellowknifer Marie Wilson presented her reflections as a commissioner with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Wilson was unstinting in describing the harm of … Read more

Affordable, universal child care: it’s a no brainer

Eli with his mum (my god-daughter), in 2013. The high cost and limited availability of licensed child care in Yellowknife – and all across the NWT – is a serious issue. The numbers in this post refer to Yellowknife. First, the costs. Research from June this year revealed that for young families, the cost of … Read more

A day in the life

The colorful Julies – myself and Julie White – at the seniors forum last night. The pace is picking up in the last week of the campaign. In case you’re wondering what I’m doing all day, here’s a rundown of yesterday. 7:30 – read and answer emails; send out donation requests to friends and supporters … Read more

Feeding the hungry in the NWT

Many of us take pride in the idea that we live in a wealthy country. But that pride ignores a significant income disparity between those who really are wealthy and those who aren’t. The NWT experiences one of the greatest income disparities in the country. The top 20 per cent earn in excess of $200,000 … Read more

How to lower unemployment in the NWT

There’s been lots of talk during the campaign about the territorial economy flat-lining, and the most recent unemployment numbers make the picture darker. According to the NWT Bureau of Statistics, the overall unemployment rate for the NWT is 9.1 per cent (compared to 6.8 per cent for Canada as a whole). To put it in … Read more

Getting an “F” from the union

The Union of Northern Workers has now published the results of its survey of NWT candidates. The survey included five questions aimed at protecting union jobs in the face of future cuts, contracting out and public private partnerships. These complicated questions required yes or no answers. Answering no to opposing any cuts to GNWT staff … Read more

No more empty houses

The neighborhood located near the 51 Ave sliding hill includes five empty houses. As you can see from the photo, these properties are well maintained with prompt snow removal in the winter (and grass cutting in the summer). There is heat and light in these houses – but there is nobody home. Nobody has lived … Read more

Remembering this Remembrance Day

I’m thinking about Remembrance Day over my morning cup of tea, and I’m sure many of you are too. I pulled out my paternal grandfather’s and great-grandfather’s medals to remind myself of their stories. My great-grandfather, Joseph Saunders, was about 30 years old when the “Great War” started in 1914. He came from a family … Read more

The future of mining in the NWT

I covered mining development in Labrador (the Voisey’s Bay nickel mine) and in the NWT during my 16 years as a reporter with CBC. What I’ve seen is both a boom and a bust at either end of the country. I remember the years people would line up for a week in front of the … Read more