Today I had the opportunity to look through a window into my riding on an ordinary Monday morning and see what people were doing. The task at hand was to get 20 residents of the Yellowknife Centre riding to sign my nomination forms. A quirk of the Elections and Plebiscites Act requires the people who … Read more

Last chance to get set!

A busy day getting ready for the launch tomorrow… figuring out where people who are signing my nomination papers will be, finalizing my canvassing plan, and swinging by the funeral home to thank the volunteers who are building my signs. Except for taking some time out to make a set of dog boots and walk … Read more

Get Set!

Canadians elected 88 women on Monday – fully a quarter of MPs. That’s short of equal representation but the numbers are going in the right direction – up. The situation is dire here in the Northwest Territories. There have never been more than three women sitting in the Legislative Assembly at one time. Who knows … Read more

On your mark!

My mum and I spent an hour this afternoon vacuuming my campaign headquarters and wiping down the hard surfaces. How lucky am I to have my mum to help me with my campaign? Very lucky. My parents had me when they were young so they are in good shape, now in their mid-70s. My mum … Read more